Frequently asked questions about Nargesa

Here you will find the most common questions/inquiries from our customers regarding Nargesa machines, service, warranty, and many other topics, ranging from common doubts, payment options, our process, delivery, etc.

Nargesa’s 3 Year Warranty

  • Nargesa offers an exclusive 3-Year Warranty for all Nargesa machines purchased from Quantum Machinery.

  • Once you receive your machine, you will simply need to register the machine online. (Consult with your Sales Engineer.) This step is very important, if your machine is not registered within 1 month of receipt of arrival, you will only be granted one legal warranty year.

  • This warranty covers any manufacturing defects on parts. This does not include mishandling of the machine(s)/part(s). Labor and travel are not included in this 3 Year Warranty being offered by Nargesa, and being fulfilled by Quantum Machinery.

How to purchase a Nargesa machine?

The process is 6 very simple steps:

1. Request a quote by calling a certified Nargesa USA / Quantum Machinery Specialist at (909)476-8007. You can also send an email to our team by emailing Sales@QuantumMachinery.com or you can fill out a contact form on our website by going to our Contact page.

2. Next you will receive a full quotation with the machine specifications and tooling options (if applicable) for the equipment that you had requested.

3. After you receive the quotation and if you would like to move forward in completing the order, please send an email containing the P.O. to the sales engineer who sent you the quotation for the Nargesa equipment, to confirm you accept the offer. We will then send you a Sales Order Confirmation. You will need to choose how you would like to pay for your order. You have the options of paying by Wire Transfer, Check or Credit Card.

4. Once the payment has been made as per the terms specified in the quotation, we will then proceed with delivery/lead time according to the quotation.

5. Once the goods are shipped, you will receive a tracking number from one of our Quantum Machinery / Nargesa USA Team Members with the tracking information for your order.

6. Contact between Nargesa USA / Quantum Machinery Group and the customers is constant until the machines are at the customers' facilities.

Technical Assistance

Nargesa USA / Quantum Machinery Group have technicians ready around the clock to assist with any problems that you may incur throughout the life o the machine, manufactured by Nargesa. All of our customers have full access to our Nargesa Technical Team of Experts to solve out any inquiry or incidence that may occur.

What happens if my Nargesa machine breaks down?
- 98% of all incidences are solved over the phone or by video conferencing (such as Facetime or Skype) in less than 24 Hours.                                  

What happens if a customer wants a technician to travel to a customer’s facility?
- If a customer truly wants a factory trained technician to travel to their facility, they would need to contact our service department to get the appointment scheduled. (May incur additional costs - which will be provided once contact is made.

When will I get my machine?

How long does it take to receive my Nargesa machine?
In most cases, almost all Nargesa machine’s are stocked within the United States by Quantum Machinery Group. If for any reason, Quantum Machinery does not currently have a machine in-stock, the longest lead time you would be expected to wait is 8-12 Weeks A.R.O. and Deposit.

What would happen if the Nargesa machine was to get damaged during shipment?
All machines shipped by Quantum Machinery have all-risked insurance, which assumes all of the expenses, in a case where an incidence occurs.

How long does it take to get spare parts?
If the part requested is in-stock, it can ship from Quantum Machinery Group within 1 business day. If the part needs to be ordered, it can take up to 4 days. If the part is a special ordered part, the lead time will be provided to you by your sales engineer or service technician.

How will I know where my machine is my order has shipped?
Every machine and part is given a specific tracking number, which would allow you to view it’s whereabouts at all times.

How do I pay for my orders?

Simply put, you have 3 options:
1. Wire Transfer
2. Check
3. Credit Card


How well are the Nargesa machines packed?
Once Nargesa USA / Quantum Machinery Group receives the containers containing the Nargesa machines / products from overseas, our technical team proceed to go through many thorough tests for each unit - once the testing is complete, brand new custom crates are built for each unit prior to shipment to the customer.

How are Nargesa products and why should I trust Nargesa Machines?

Generally speaking, how are the Nargesa Machines?
- All Nargesa products/items are known and characterized for their robustness, reliability and technology.
- All machines are manufactured at Nargesa's facilities in Spain under strict quality regulations.

How easy are Nargesa machines to start?
- All machines are sent completely assembled.
- All Nargesa machines have audio and visual instructions with several samples of work completed by that machine.
- Written instruction books with interactive drawings are included with every Nargesa machine.
- If in doubt, you can ALWAYS call one of our service technicians by calling (909)476-8007.

What precedence and trademarks does Nargesa use for their electrical and hydraulic components?
- All components are from well-known leading European trademarks, with technical support from all over the world, such as: BOSCH-REXROTH, ROQUET, SIEMENS, LG, TELEMECANIQUE, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, OMRON etc.

Can I exchange electrical and hydraulic components for those ones from other trademarks?
- Yes, all of them are standard and exchangeable for other components from other trademarks.

How long do Nargesa Machines last?
- After 40 years in the metalworking market, we can certify and guarantee a minimum life of 30 years. That goes with saying that you must correctly use your equipment and make sure that you checking into maintenance for your machine(s) at least once a year, minimum.
- Our machines ARE NOT DIY machines. These are high performing, professional machines.

Do Nargesa machines take a lot of maintenance?
- Absolutely not! In fact, most of all of the Nargesa machines take the bare minimum! Just grease them up every 6 months.