About Prada Nargesa S.L.

PRADA NARGESA S.L. is a family company founded in 1970, located near Barcelone, Spain. Nargesa has nearly 50+ years experience in the field of manufacturing industrial machinery, such as: Roll Benders / Angle Rolls, Ironworkers, Ornamental Forging Machines, Clean & Safe Gas Propane Furnaces, Horizontal Presses, Hydraulic Press Brakes, Shears, Broaching Machines, Weld Positioners, etc. The entire range of Nargesa machines and accessories are completely manufactured at NARGESA’s manufacturing facility in Spain. We have 110,000 SQ. FT. facilities and on average, stock over a minimum of 400+ machines at a time. We count on more than 9,500 customers and more than 18,700 machines sold all over the world. Nargesa’s partnership with Quantum Machinery Group has greatly allowed the North American market to be fully supported by Quantum Machinery’s factory trained Sales Engineers and Service Technicians, as well as Quantum Machinery’s stocked Nargesa Parts Department. Nowadays Nargesa exports to Europe: Portugal, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, ...America and Latin-america: USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador… In Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Gabon, South Africa, Guinea…In Asia and Middle East: Irán, Bahrain, Brunei, United Arab Emirates…

Nargesa is a symbol of Quality, Reliability, Guaranty and Innovation:

  • Production is made under strict quality regulations. All machines are meticulously tested before shipping out of Spain by Nargesa, and are tested once more by Quantum Machinery, prior to shipping the machines to our customers to ensure that everything is running as it should after travel.
  • All Nargesa machines are according to the current safety rules and arte provided with its corresponding certificate.
  • All Nargesa products are backed (by Quantum Machinery Group in the USA) with a 3 Year Defective Parts Warranty. This just goes to show how convictingly strong Nargesa and Quantum Machinery Group believes in their products. Guaranteeing machines that are High-Quality, Strong and Reliable. This is just another one of the many things that sets us apart.
  • Nargesa has it’s own R+D which guarantees for a steady evolution and improvement. Every year new products are launched into the world-wide market as a result of our feedback from our customers' experience.
  • All Nargesa products are made with electrical and hydraulic components of the best European trademarks. Quantum Machinery Group stocks most all parts for the Nargesa machines, here, in the USA.
  • Nargesa has a Collaboration with The Spanish Institute for External Commerce ICEX.
  • Nargesa is also a Member and cofounder partner of the foundation for the promotion of jobs.

Quantum Machinery Group is the Official, Exclusive USA Importer for Nargesa

We (Quantum Machinery Group) are honored and proud to be able to uphold such a great name, such as Prada Nargesa’s, for the USA market. Quantum Machinery Group’s team of factory trained Sales Engineers and Service Technicians are able to assist you with all of Nargesa’s products and accessories.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us by calling (909)476-8007 or by emailing our team at Sales@QuantumMachinery.com

Quantum Machinery Group is always at all of the major USA Tradeshows, such as Fabtech. Be sure to look out for us at a Tradeshow near you! We look forward to meeting and speaking with every one of you and getting your metalworking shops outfitted with Quality, Reliable, European Machinery from Nargesa!

A Word from Quantum Machinery Group’s Sales Director
Albert Solano

“Having a manufacturer that you can trust and rely on is incredibly important in the Metal Working Industry. We, Quantum Machinery Group, feel extremely fortunate that we have been given the opportunity to handle Nargesa’s entire line of metal working and ornamental metal working machinery for the U.S. market. Nargesa’s technical support is second to none and they are incredibly accommodating to most any request. We have also found that Nargesa is uniquely quick to respond to an ever-changing marketplace, Nargesa’s product lines are constantly evolving and they always have a variety of product options ranging from introductory products to high-end units and accessories that fit all of our customer’s essential and custom needs. There’s definitely something to say about a manufacturer who will back up every single one of the products that they manufacture with a 3-year warranty on parts – it truly does show that they produce nothing but quality and stand behind their product 110%. We especially love that all of Nargesa’s new products are thoroughly vetted before they even leave the manufacturing warehouse and their tech support is always available, patient and willing to go above and beyond to help our customers with troubleshooting. It is a delight to have Nargesa as a partner, and Quantum Machinery Group looks forward to continuing our relationship with Nargesa for countless years to come.”
— Albert Solano (Sales Director of Quantum Machinery Group)